Exploring Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest

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Sagano Bamboo Forest, also known as bamboo grove Sagano, is a picturesque alley where thousands of bamboo trees billowing skyward grow, standing at attention in neat rows. One of the most amazing natural attractions of Japan is located on the western outskirts of Kyoto in the Arashiyama Park, not far from a Zen Buddhist Tenryuji Temple, which is included into the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

This place became one of the most popular not only because of its extraordinary beauty, but especially the sound that arises as a result of contact between the wind and slim bamboo stalks. Visitors of the forest Sagano argue that this sound vaguely reminds the music and has very calming effects with an enveloping sense of harmony. That’s why there is nothing surprising that the Japanese government has made the sound of bamboo groves in Sagano one of the hundred protected sights in the country.

Sagano Bamboo Forest
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Bamboo grove, covering an area of 16 square kilometers, completely permeated by walkways bordered with handrails from the dry, fallen bamboo stalks on both sides. There is bamboo species "Moso" mainly grows in this forest, as well as throughout the territory of Japan.

It originates from China and has a unique ability - the plant can reach 20 meters high just in a month and have a diameter of 20 cm. The largest bamboo stems reach 40 meters in height and 35 cm in diameter.

Sagano Bamboo Forest
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Forest Sagano was created by monk, poet and master of garden art, Muso Soseki in the XIV century. Also there is a pond in the Sojan forest entwined with the beautiful circular walkway besides ranked high bamboo trees. Church buildings are located on the left side of the pond, and the mountains - on the right. You can get to the bamboo forest Sagano from Kyoto just in 30 minutes.

Sagano Bamboo Forest
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It has long known about the amazing properties of bamboo in the countries of the East - it is considered a symbol of friendship in India, a symbol of longevity - in China, and Japanese believe that bamboo trees can protect from evil spirits, which is why many Japanese temples are surrounded by them. People make baskets, boxes, and even the dishes from the bamboo in the area of Sagano.

It is known that in the 1870s the famous American inventor Thomas Edison traveled to this region in search of a good bamboo for his glower. The then governor of Kyoto prefecture has recommended him two bamboo forests, one of which was the Sagano but scientist has chosen another option.

Sagano Bamboo Forest
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Many footpaths and alleys that cross bamboo groves, beckon to walk under the arches of trees tending to the sky, which stay unchanged green all over the year. The dance of gently swaying bamboo stalks under the pressure of the wind and unusual arising sound makes an indelible impression. Anyone, who is in search of harmony and enlightenment, must visit this place. Despite the fact that you can get around the entire territory of the forest in 15-20 minutes’ walk, it will bring a huge amount of light and pleasant emotions. Local paths are ideal for cycling. You can also hire a rickshaw and see all the local beauty during listening the rickshaw-guide`s stories.

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