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Floristry — is an art that allows you to see an amazing combination of different flowers. Using not only plants but also decorative elements, you can get a magnificent bouquet, flower arrangements, panels. The main floral trend over the past few years — is a creation of flowers in the form of toys. It’s looking gorgeous and unusual. In this article, we show how to make toys of flowers with your own hands easy and quickly. Such a gift will evaluate everyone. We’ll open several secrets of floral techniques, which are very easy to use. In carrying out systematic recommendations, even children can do flower arrangement in the form of toys. However, the process is very fun and interesting.
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Classic bouquets are the main gift for any festive day, but it can be a great and unforgettable surprise, isn’t right? In this section, we present how to make a toy of flowers step-by-step. Making once or twice such composition, as well as practicing, you will be able to perform difficult works (doll with a dress of flowers, double heart, and many different forms).

You need:
• Floral Foam (oasis) and the wire;
• Skewers of wood, metal or plastic;
• PVA glue;
• stand for future flower arrangement;
• Decorative items (beads of different sizes).
Technique execution: 
1. The first and most important — to choose a stable and secure stand of flower’ toy (tray without flowing cookware or pan).
2. From the floral sponge, you need to cut out the future parts of the toy body (head, ears, nose, etc.). After — soak all parts in the water, so that they are soaked.
3. To connect the parts, use skewers or floristic wire.
4. Decorative elements (eyes, lips) used to be held firmly expense of PVA glue.      
Important! This technique is using for different shapes of your flower arrangement. Use larger flowers for the main part of your composition, for small parts (eyes, mouth, nose, ears) choose miniature flowers. The thicker placed flowers the more holistically look toy flower. Cutting off the stems, leave 2 cm for secure fastening to the basis of the composition. If you have any difficulties in securing colors small size, put them on skewers.
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The most popular flowers, which florists use making such flowers arrangement:
• Colorful chrysanthemum;
• Shrub Roses;
• Hypericum;
• Gerbera.

Flower-toy — is a good excuse to give joy to your friends and relatives. Such a gift will appreciate everyone to any holiday! Making a flower arrangement will take only 2 hours of your time, and if you follow the main rules for caring, you can save its original appearance longer (for two or three weeks). Do not forget to give a daily moisture to your flower arrangement by spraying it with water. Like this idea of a present, but you worry not to make such a masterpiece as in the picture with your by own hands? can realize all your wishes! Our professional florists are able to create a true masterpiece of floral. In addition to toys made of flowers, you can cook sweet gift to your loved ones, will please them, for example, the composition of fruits. If you wish to improve and learn something new — Floristry courses from our company, will help you with it. Now floristry — is extremely popular in the floral industry. This is not only a hobby but also the opportunity to build your own business!
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