Dresses of Flowers

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Flowers are a truly rich soil for fulfilling the most daring and creative ideas. These beautiful creations inspire creative people and become the material for the creation of seemingly impossible things. For example, clothing. Dresses of flowers are an apparel worthy of queen, and yet every girl is the queen, sovereign of someone's heart. Roses, chrysanthemums, violets, carnations, tulips as a material will suit women of all ages.

Designer dresses

Canadian designer Nicole Dextras created a delightful collection of floral dresses called "Little green dresses». 21 eco-dress were created by Nicole literally on models, as all outfits are composed entirely of flowers and leaves, and not just decorate fabric dress. The idea of creating such a magical collection came to a 52-year-old woman when she noticed the growing abundantly on the streets of Vancouver. For the artist this occupation is not just a way to express her creativity, but also a call to protect nature and its resources.

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We are not far behind from the creators of the fashion world. Elena Belyanicheva creates no less delightful outfits from flowers, using other feminine attire. Dresses from this designer are valued not due to unusual materials, but as for the harmonious combination of colors and species.

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An interesting collection of dresses was created by a designer from Malaysia, Tan Lin Chiu. Its uniqueness is that the dresses are not designed for real women, they are flat outfit pictures. The minimalism of east cultures is inherent in all works of the designer: some flowers or the petals added to drawings of women create illusion of a refined and elegant dress.

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5 the most beautiful dresses of flowers

1. The longest flower dress - almost 12 meters - was presented by Moscow floral designer Araik Galstyan. Preparation to create it took a whole year, even though the dress has been made for 5 days. For this purpose, 1,500 branches  of the orchid Vanda Blue Magic were used, each of which had 10-12 flowers.

2. The wedding dress of orchids is the creation of famous designer Preston Bailey. The man considered  to be the best designer in the world of events. All his floral sculptures and compositions impress with their harmony and elegance.

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3. Works of shocking and inimitable designer Alexander McQueen have always been famous for the originality of the selected material. The highlight of his collection is a dress of flowers that will make any woman smell pleasantly.

4. Passionate dress of red roses from the British florist Joe Massie consists of more than 1,700 buds. This masterpiece is short-lived, but in that short time designer dress is able to collect a myriad of admiring glances and enthusiastic sighs.

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5. The incredible beauty and delicious fragrance of flowers dress, which was made by the young Chinese designer Xiao Fan, helped him to propose to his girlfriend.

Flowers dresses are quite a new trend in floral design, but it has already gained the status of art. Natural shades dress emphasize the beauty of women. No wonder they say that the best designer  is nature itself, because everything in it is harmonious and perfect.

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