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Bouquet of carnations for most of us is associated with the Day of Victory, a gift to a man, but without any romance. And few people think about whether you can give a carnation to young girls or mothers, believing that the answer is no. Such a representation is quite normal, because these "manly" flowers at all times have been considered a symbol of victory, courage and devotion. But that's not all explanation, as a matter of fact, carnation has an amazing and rich history, lost in that, we shall open to you the beauty and the mystery of double flowers.

Steeping in history

If you look closely at the picture of Leonardo da Vinci's "Madonna del Garofano", you can see that the Virgin Mary is holding a carnation. Here at once the first secret of the flower is revealed: In Christianity it symbolizes suffering and love at the same time.

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A little later - in the 15-16 centuries - the portraits of Flemish painting frequent model with a red carnation in his hand were painted. This attribute was given to all betrothed and newlyweds, and the value of the plant takes the new meaning - the purity of love and family happiness.

In the 18th century the whole Europe uses the language of flowers, floral study write special dictionaries and lovers send bouquets to their ladies representing the whole message of devotion and love. At this time our heroine becomes more popular and expresses different values, depending on the shade. For example, pink promised never to forget, was addressed to innocent cute white girls as a sign of pure love, and striped said refusal cavalry.

Late 19th brought the wildly popular boutonniere from carnations. Flowers in their buttonholes adorned themselves with all decent gentlemen. And this accessory was chosen as carefully as shoes or gloves. Fan painted green carnation was shocking Oscar Wilde. And over time, the flower and does become a sign of true nobility, intelligence, a favorite of bohemians and high society.

Carnation topic is thriving and now famous designers produce a collection of images, shapes, textures imitation of these flowers.

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Wedding bouquet of carnations

All the above story says only one thing: whether you follow the traditions or not, to the meaning of colors when buying or not, a bouquet of carnations can be presented on any occasion. Particularly striking look of the bride, who is deprived of stereotypes, because wedding flowers serves delicious wedding bouquets of roses, which:

  • symbolize fidelity and high feelings;
  • thanks to curvaceous and bump colors emphasize the femininity of the bride;
  • will help to create an incredibly gentle way in the case of bright pinks or contrasting game, if we take the bright buds;
  • will cost a little bit cheaper than, for example, more expensive varietal roses, hydrangeas and freesia.

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If you still have doubts, in which case a composition of carnations can be presented, remember that fresh flowers are always nice, appropriate and effective. So do not forget to decorate them with your smile, and no matter what you choose - roses, daisies, or cactus the feeling with which you present them is important.

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