Amazing Creations of Nature

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Nature knows how to surprise us with the beauty and harmony of its creations. Flowers have always been a cause for admiration and delight, but they are able to surprise with their very unusual appearance. We'll tell you about flowers that do not look like a plant, and you try to guess their vernacular names according to pictures.You can also learn about amazing non-existent flowers from this article.

The epitome of the fine

Plant under the name of "Hooker's Lips" is called the prettiest plant in the world. Why? Because the shape of its petals resemble human lips frozen in a kiss. This "love" plant was first found in the forests of Costa Rica, and its scientific name is Psychotria Elata. Such form and bright color serve to attract pollinators. Unfortunately, at the moment Hooker’s lips are on the verge of extinction.

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Plant "Dancing girls" (scientific name is Impatiens Bequaertii) is a very rare species of flowers in tropical East Africa. It grows about a foot tall and blooms during all year. Its petals are white and sometimes with gently pink color they form a little girl in a skirt that dances. These flowers with unusual shape are of great interest for collectors. And if you grow them hanging from height it is possible to admire the young dancers at eye level.

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Impatiens Psittacina is one of the species of balsam from Southeast Asia, which has been described by the botanist Joseph Hooker. It has a thick stem and grows two feet in height. Its flowers resemble flying cockatoo, so the plant is popularly called the "Flower-parrot".

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Plant Calceolaria Uniflora, or "Good-natured alien" belongs to the Calceolaria sort and grows in mountains. It was first found in South America. Its flowers are yellow-white with burgundy and reach a size of 10 cm. It doesn’t require vivid imagination to see a laughing alien with big eyes and green ears in this plant.

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Scary unusual flowers

Highly original and even a little creepy form belong to seeds of snapdragons - plants of the Plantaginaceae family. Snapdragon blooms beautifully in white, pink, yellow or in several colors. But when the time for collecting seeds comes, instead of bright flowers you will find a human skull.

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Continuing a subject of "scary" flowers, Aristolochia Salvadorensis should be mentioned. This plant belongs to the genus of woody vines that grow mainly in the tropics. Because of obvious similarities to a movie character the flower is often called "Darth Vader".

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Orchid family ranks first in the number of species that do not look like the usual flowers. One of them, Habenaria Radiata, is a small plant with 2-3 flowers on a long stem. These flowers have an unusual shape of a flying heron.

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About other wondrous and unusual shapes of orchids read in the continuation of the article "Amazing creations of nature"!

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