5 most remote places in Ukraine

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There is no doubt that everyone familiar with this feeling when you tired of everyday routine and want to find some remote place far from big crowds.  And for those who live in megacities this is of especial relevance. Sometimes it is essential to stop running and take a breath.
Some of us are currently waiting for upcoming summer vacation. If you want relax both your mind and soul but don’t know where to go – we can offer you some ideas.

Buky Canyon (Cherkasy Oblast)

In the heart of Ukraine you can find a relatively small canyon (which is just 5 km long) and of the most picturesque place in Ukraine.  The centennial granite rocks, loud and intensive water flow, small Vyr waterfall, and ruins of old watermill create truly beautiful view. This place of unique scenery which resembles miniature Norwegian fjords than typical Ukrainian landscape. Over the last decade Buky Canyon became quite popular among Ukrainians thus, you cannot find here absolute solitude. But if you try, you will be able to find calm corner far from people’s eyes.

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Shenborn Park (Zakarpattia Oblast)

The other Ukrainian beautiful place is the park which is not far from Uzhgorod. This place has a unique allure – a mixture of peaceful, fascinating scenery and historical details. Here you can contemplate not only beauties of the Carpathian Mountains and natural lake but plunge into the atmosphere of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is notable that here you can find a Celtic garden with real druidic calendar. The Shenborn Park was fully restored in the 2013 and currently it is not so popular among tourist. The local nature is stunning at any time of the year. Thus, if you are fan of beautiful landscapes and history – this amazing place is for you.

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Kolochava (Zakarpattia Oblast)

Our motherland has a great variety of places where one can connect the pleasant with the constructive: to enjoy fresh mountain air and enhance your knowledge resources. But hardly a few villages in Ukraine can boast the number of the museums on its territory.  And Kolochava is one of such places. Picturesque and untouched landscapes, hospitable local community, mineral springs and abundance excursions attract thousands of tourists every year. Despite this fact everyone can find here tranquil place and enjoy local splendor.

Bakota (Khmelnytskyi Oblast)

This corner of nature is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. Bakota is within the territory of National Environmental Park "Podilski Tovtry". Regardless of the fact that the Bakota Bay is of artificial origin the nature here is simply amazing: vast crystal clear waters, spectacular hillsides, amazing variety of flora and the best things of all, the ruins of ancient rock monastery. Here you can feel absolutely enchanting atmosphere. Bakota is must visit place for everyone who wants to relax, gain strength and energy.
A nice bonus for lovers of landscape photography: you can take absolutely charming panoramic photographs from the local observation platform.

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Aktovsky Canyon (Mykolaiv Oblast)

The canyon on the Mertvovod River covers the vast area of truly unique nature. This place is a mixture of magnificent river landscapes, steep cliffs and outstanding flora. Here, in a limited area, you can even find mountain tulip. Since Aktovsky Canyon is not a touristic place, it is mostly visited by fans of extreme sports and landscape photographers. It may be, however, that during the hours of your promenade you won’t encounter anyone on your way. Just you, birds signing and magnificent nature - is not a paradise for introvert?

As you see, it is not necessary to travel abroad (MaldivesTaiwanIsrael or Hungury) to enjoy the beauty of nature. Our own country is full wonders. 

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