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Basket Pleasure Kiev

  • Товар Basket Pleasure
  • Товар Basket Pleasure

48 $


Уже купили: 3 чел.


  • ID товара: 10174-6-3
  • Состав: Assorted chocolates box, Chocolate Schogetten (2 шт.), Coffee 250g, Basket M, Sparkling wine 0.75
  • Просмотров за неделю: 54 чел.


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Caleb Danley

Постоянный клиент с 03 January 2021

Общая оценка:

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15 February 2021

Caleb Danley: Мне не понравилось исполнение моего заказа
I placed an order to be delivered between the hours of 12:00 and 16:00 on Valentine's Day but the flowers were finally delivered at 01:40 the following day. I placed many messages with the online service regarding my order, and each time they assured me that the package was on the way. My girlfriend, who lives in Kiev, finally received a call at approximately 18:00 and was told that the package would be there by 22:00. Although she had been patiently waiting for most of the day to receive her Valentine's gift, she agreed and waited. When 22:00 arrived but no package, I placed another inquiry to the online center, and they assured me that the courier was on the way and would be there shortly. I waited until 00:20 and finally asked for a refund, and that is when they decided to call to arrange a time for delivery to my girlfriend, who had already gone to sleep because she had to work in the morning. This is a terrible way to provide a service and even worse communication, in that I had to constantly ask for updates because the delivery wasn't completed until the day after Valentine's Day. It is pointless to deliver something in the middle of a worknight, after the holiday is over, and after you have already ruined the afternoon of someone who is very important to me.
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