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Each order, which is passed in operation, is handled with maximum care and delivered on time to our customers have always been satisfied with its performance.

1. Replacement of the goods and their components

  1. In some specific cases, the company reserves the right to substitute some of the goods or their components. Such a policy is conditioned by the fact that some of the bouquets are made with seasonal or fairly rare flowers. The florists of the company may offer you a replacement that is equivalent in value and color to keep the shape and colors of the bouquet if there is the absence of a specific flower.
    We always try to prevent the replacement and align it with the customer, if possible.
  2. If the occasion of presenting the bouquet is quite important (birthday, wedding), and the relationship with the customer is not available (no response to calls or e-mails), florists will pick up and replace the missing components of the flowers without the consent. Replacement will be as close as possible to appearance, color and value for the highest level of celebration, and calling only the most positive emotions from a gift. 
  3. is engaged in the delivery of flowers and gifts all over the world. Florists from the different countries may have their own style of arrangements and bouquets, that’s why at the order you should take into account national and cultural characteristics and traditions of floral gifts given in-country. In this case, bouquets, gift baskets or compositions can differ from the photos presented on the company's website. This feature is not a reason for a refund.
  4. Depending on the country or specific city, an assortment of cakes may also vary. In spite of this, we always try to pick up the cake, which has the most appropriate structure and description to those on the site. The cake can be very similar, but not identical.
  5. Photos of plush toys on the site are presented as examples. Delivered soft teddy bears or elephants will be identical in size and color, but it will be different from the product image on the site. Before placing your order availability of a particular toy is to check with the manager. If necessary, they will answer all questions and be able to offer an alternative to the selected product.

2. The procedure for dealing with complaints (claims)

  1. The complaint (claim) about the inadequate performance of the order is accepted for consideration 24 hours from the time of order execution.
  2. The customer can send to our mail complaints about poor design or delivery: Complaints containing profanity, threats, or insults to employees are automatically deleted without consideration. You must specify the exact number of the order in the complaint. Anonymous applications without numbers or with the wrong number of the order will not be considered.
  3. Within 24 hours after receiving the complaint, we will contact the customer for notification of receipt. Following an investigation of the incident, the Customer receives a reasonable response to the complaint no later than 10 working days from the date of notification.
  4. Complaints regarding the quality and freshness of the bouquet should be provided with photos confirming this fact. Deadline for submission of the treatment - not more than 24 hours from the delivery, as the company is unable to monitor the storage conditions of the composition or bouquet after their receipt. Complaints or photos provided after the deadline are not considered.
  5. The delay of the complaint is possible when the client did not respond to the message, did not maintain a constructive dialogue, or could not provide photos proving the authenticity of the claim for a long time (over 10 days).

3. Reasons re-delivering of product or refund

  1. Faulty design of floral arrangement or the absence of any components is the reason for the replacement and re-delivery of the bouquet or refund. If the customer receipted not fresh flowers, he/she has the right to demand the replacement of the composition. The procedure for filing such a complaint is given in Section 2
  2. Poor-quality service: the order was not delivered on the date specified by the client for our fault. This paragraph does not apply to cases of delivery on public holidays (see p. 3 “Terms of delivery orders during the holidays” in the” Treaty of the public offer”).
  3. Unsatisfactory delivery of order time or the value when you select the wrong city (Originally the delivery city was chosen wrong, and after adjusting the cost of the order has changed).

5. Procedure for refund

  1. Refund to the customer making within 10 working days from the complaint procedure, a positive decision to return the money, and agreeing to return details.
  2. If there are errors with the Customer's details and implementation according to the details of return, the procedure is completed when the error is confirmed by the customer.

6. Other provisions

  1. The parties are relieved from their obligations under the agreement in the event of special circumstances, which could be described as "force majeure" and on the subject to the legal documenting supporting evidence of the above mentioned circumstances.
  2. Flower arrangements, bouquets, and gift baskets with the replacement pursuant to paragraph 1 shall be considered as satisfactory.
  3. Any low-quality product component, except for flower production, will be replaced for free.
  4. Any ordered but missing component of the order will be delivered free of charge. The exceptions are the basic goods or services provided by the company on a free basis (free card, which was not awarded for some reason).
  5. The company does not provide guarantees for the implementation of free services, including:
    1. photo at the moment of delivery (even with low-quality photography service deemed to be provided);
    2. notification of order status or performing delivery through SMS and e-mail. The reasons for the lack of notice may be malfunctioning telecom operators, phone memory or overflowing mailbox, incorrect phone number or e-mail address, etc.
  6. If the client selected the services “Call to the Recipient”, priority is the time specified by the Recipient.
  7. If you select the Client option "Do not call up the Receiver" in the absence of the Recipient at the appointed time at the address, delivery is completed.

With every order, we improve work because our team is very important to carry out their work at a high level. We guarantee that we will do everything possible for our customers and recipients were satisfied!

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