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Country: UkraineUkraine. Code: 380532. Population: 296000 people.. Shipping cost: 4 $

To order flower delivery to the beautiful city of Poltava you just need to contact us by phone or fill in the order form on our website. The wonderful bouquets are bound to make your family and friends happy: they are not just a present but a symbol of love and your warmest feelings!

⭐ Send Flowers to Ukraine

  • Florist designed bouquet Poltava


    Florist designed bouquet

    72 $

  • 5009-53-3

    Bouquet of chamomiles

    40 $

  • 9873-53-3

    Tender gift

    61 $

  • 10075-53-3

    Spray roses in a box

    53 $

  • Tender sapphire Poltava


    Tender sapphire

    51 $

  • 10225-53-3

    Flowers for beloved

    69 $

  • 9686-53-3

    25 red and white roses

    52 $

  • 9713-53-3

    25 white roses craft

    56 $

  • 10217-53-3

    Spring gift for her

    54 $

⭐ Roses Poltava

Roses bouquets

  • 10081-53-3

    Bouquet 25 red roses

    48 $

  • 10082-53-3

    51 red roses

    89 $

  • Island of love Poltava


    Island of love

    27 $

  • 10091-53-3

    23 Red roses in a box

    54 $

  • 10083-53-3

    Promo! 101 red roses

    158 $

  • 10089-53-3

    Cream roses in a box

    53 $

  • 10090-53-3

    Pink roses in a box

    57 $

  • 9162-53-3

    51 roses 60 cm

    92 $

  • 8331-53-3

    51 multi-colored roses

    103 $

⭐ Cheap bouquets Poltava

Flower bouquets

  • 7 red roses Poltava


    7 red roses

    24 $

  • 9888-53-3

    7 white roses

    26 $

  • Spring caprice Poltava


    Spring caprice

    30 $

  • 9891-53-3

    9 white roses

    26 $

  • Happy birthday Poltava


    Happy birthday

    43 $

  • 9890-53-3

    9 red roses

    32 $

  • Afrodith Poltava



    42 $

Positive feedback in the city Poltava
  • Василий

    from 27 August 2023

    Overall rating:

    5 of 5
    Приятно, что есть такой сервис. Доставили заказ безукоризненно. Учли все пожелания. Остался доволен ...
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  • Николай

    from 11 August 2023

    Overall rating:

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    Пользуюсь услугами компании не первый раз и всегда все выполнено вовремя и качественно. Менеджеры вс...
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  • Robert Koeck

    Regular customer from 07 March 2011

    Overall rating:

    5 of 5
    Thank you for your great service :-)

    Robert, we would like to say thank you for your order and waiting for your coming back, UFL team.

  • Тетяна Sozinova

    Regular customer from 28 November 2018

    Overall rating:

    5 of 5
    Guys thank you for the incredible work you are doing the war times. I am your certain customer forev...
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    Sarah, we are very happy to hear such a word from you. Happy to serve you, and happy to see you again.

  • Gilbert

    Regular customer from 13 February 2022

    Overall rating:

    5 of 5
    I am here today just to say you that you had been incredible formidable for my yesterday order et to...
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    Amazing, Gilbert. Thank you so much for your time and this review. We are happy to work for you! UFL flower team.

Welcome to flowers to Poltava. Our site offers great variety of flowers and gifts for you and your close people. We deliver all over Ukraine and around the world, and this is not a rant, this is true! We are able to carry out your any task! We are always happy to offer you fresh, beautiful flowers, a variety ofgifts for everyone. The range of our site is constantly expanding, we aim to become a universal delivery service, to carry out more of your desires. It is very important to stay in touch with loved ones. Nobody want to be alone, always searching for their soul mate. Missing deeply when a loved one is far away, trying to somehow get closer to him. Sometimes it's easy, and sometimes even impossible. In such moments, we are at your service! Order delivery bouquet in Poltava, be closer to each other.

Blurring the boundaries

Certainly, there's nothing better than a live communication with their friends, but when they are far away, we can give them wonderful flowers, cute gifts and kind words from you. With our delivery service you, it's not for real, but still be able to get closer to your loved ones. Imagine their delight when they receive this unexpected gift from you! Choose a bouquet, place an order for delivery of flowers to Poltava and find out that we really deliver happiness, that for us there are no borders. We are ready to process your individual order, if you do not have time to look at all offers of website. Choose and specify what flowers should be in the bouquet, and what budget expected for the florists to gather composition according to your wishes.

Flower Delivery №1

Flowers - delicate and beautiful, bring joy, dispels sadness, offer hope. Give as much of them as possible. With our help, this becomes a real possibility for everyone! Our main goal - to make you happy, believe me, we try very hard. Visit our web site, learn about all new or subscribe to our newsletter and promotions from our website. You will always be informed about our best offers! We are waiting for you and will be glad to help and get your feedback on our work.


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Telephone: 0 800 308 353
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