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Country: UkraineUkraine. Code: 38034. Population: 226000 people.. Shipping cost: 4 $

Would you like to congratulate your relatives and friends in Ivano-Frankovsk in an original way? Sending your loved ones flowers and gifts is a great way to pleasantly surprise them. Just contact us by phone or leave a request for flower delivery on our website, and the happy recipient will soon call you to share sincere words of gratitude!

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  • Florist designed bouquet Ivano-Frankovsk


    Florist designed bouquet

    63 $

  • 5009-38-3

    Bouquet of chamomiles

    38 $

  • 9873-38-3

    Tender gift

    58 $

  • 10075-38-3

    Spray roses in a box

    46 $

  • Tender sapphire Ivano-Frankovsk


    Tender sapphire

    45 $

  • 10225-38-3

    Flowers for beloved

    62 $

  • 9686-38-3

    25 red and white roses

    56 $

  • 9713-38-3

    25 white roses craft

    58 $

  • 10217-38-3

    Spring gift for her

    50 $

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Roses bouquets

  • 10081-38-3

    Bouquet 25 red roses

    53 $

  • 10082-38-3

    51 red roses

    100 $

  • Island of love Ivano-Frankovsk


    Island of love

    28 $

  • 10091-38-3

    23 Red roses in a box

    56 $

  • 10083-38-3

    Promo! 101 red roses

    176 $

  • 10089-38-3

    Cream roses in a box

    55 $

  • 10090-38-3

    Pink roses in a box

    59 $

  • 9162-38-3

    51 roses 60 cm

    102 $

  • 8331-38-3

    51 multi-colored roses

    110 $

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Flower bouquets

  • 7 red roses Ivano-Frankovsk


    7 red roses

    23 $

  • 9888-38-3

    7 white roses

    25 $

  • Spring caprice Ivano-Frankovsk


    Spring caprice

    29 $

  • 9891-38-3

    9 white roses

    26 $

  • Happy birthday Ivano-Frankovsk


    Happy birthday

    42 $

  • 9890-38-3

    9 red roses

    32 $

  • Afrodith Ivano-Frankovsk



    40 $

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    Замовила квіти для свого тата, і цей досвід перевершив усі мої очікування! Замовлення було оброблено...
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  • Настя

    from 12 August 2023

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    Красивый город и хороший букет!
  • Robert Koeck

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    Thank you for your great service :-)

    Robert, we would like to say thank you for your order and waiting for your coming back, UFL team.

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    Guys thank you for the incredible work you are doing the war times. I am your certain customer forev...
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    Sarah, we are very happy to hear such a word from you. Happy to serve you, and happy to see you again.

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    I am here today just to say you that you had been incredible formidable for my yesterday order et to...
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    Amazing, Gilbert. Thank you so much for your time and this review. We are happy to work for you! UFL flower team.

Ivano-Frankovsk it’s a kind of «gateway» to the Carpathians. The huge cultural heritage of French and Italian architects, who once lived and worked here. There is absence of a busy traffic that gives a feeling of peace and freedom. To feel it in full you need to be in Ivano-Frankovsk.

Potocki Palace, City Hall, the Jesuit Church and Monastery, Armenian Church are the local sights, which pass by is just impossible. If you have an impression of beauty of fountains, the city has at least two unusual. The first is an almost exact copy of that, what is settled on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the second is made in the form of a huge bowl from which water flows down fall.

Ivano-Frankovsk really has somewhat to look at, from what you can be inspired. Here you can just magnificently spend time. And it would be strange, if such a wonderful city hadn’t deserving service of the delivery of flowers.

The doors of our office in Ivano-Frankovsk are open for you at the address: Ivano-Frankovsk, st. Lunnaya, 28.

Having issued the order of delivery of flowers from UFL, you get the following benefits:

  • the ability to present a beautiful gift by only 4 hours, not realizing any complicated manipulations and movements. Formalization of order takes just a few minutes;
  • flowers, which are always fresh and won’t fade on the next day after delivery;
  • professional consultation with florists how make the best floral arrangement. You can do this by visiting our store, by phone 0-800-308-353 or via online chat, which is available to customers 24 hours a day;
  • a wide range of payment methods ;
  • the ability to send a floral arrangement, leaving own name secret;
  • the ability to track the performance of the order during the period of his activity, thanks to the work of round-the-clock customer support website

Pay attention!

You can also order beautiful floral arrangements in the form of toys here and add the gift from yourself. At pleasure, we can sign on your behalf card and hand in hand to the receiver with a bouquet .

If the expression of feelings are not enough words, beautifully decorated floral arrangement will make it for you.

Bring joy and smiles for your friends, relatives and acquaintances is easy with UFL now!


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