Sweet November Simferopol

  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November
  •  Bouquet Sweet November

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The bouquet «Sweet November» consists of tender hydrangeas, sensual callas, brilliant sunflowers, exotic anturiums, small delicate berries of hypericum and a bunch of autumn leaves. This flower composition will present you the breath of autumn – the real bright and noble autumn, the time of harvest and blue sky and the season that is le love because of walking in the parks and warm plaids and hot coffee at home.

This unusual bouquet is a perfect gift for your close person who have his Birthday in autumn, for your favorite teacher and mentor in Teacher`s day or your beloved one without any reason only to impress.

Attention! The bouquet may differ from the image at our website.

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