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  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine
  • Bouquet of flowers Ukraine

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  • Consist: Lily yellow (2 pc) · Greens (4 pc) · Box M · Oasis (2 pc) · Iris blue (11 pc) · Yellow orchid (5 pc) · Chrysanthemum daisy yellow (5 pc)
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  • Height: ↕ 40 cm
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Description bouquet

Blue–yellow bouquet «Ukraine» is filled with beams of sunlight and depth of sky. Such a wonderful present could become a fabulous adornment of, for example, chief’s Birthday, friend’s wedding, mother-in-law's anniversary etc. Amazing golden lilies, chrysanthemums, and orchids symbolize a strong health and well-being; blue iris florets add positive tunes to this bouquet, making the appearance much more stylish and saturated.

The blue-yellow color palette of the bouquet will bring a special joy to all the patriots of Ukraine. It so pleasurable to receive a bouquet like this one! Never forget, you choose not only the colorful bouquet but special and particular feelings.

Attention! Bouquet decoration may differ from the images displayed on our site.
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