Coral spay roses by the piece Kiev

  • Coral spay roses by the piece Coral spay roses by the piece
  • Coral spay roses by the piece Kiev

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  • Consist: Rose shrub coral
  • ID product: 7439-6-3
  • Height: ↕ 40 cm
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Description bouquet

The original coral roses symbolize elegance, personality and sincerity of emotions. It is a bouquet that best will be able to congratulate with birthday, March 8, anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day. With the help of such pleasant gift you can give happiness to your mother, sister, wife, grandmother or colleague.

Coral Shrub Roses by the piece - are the perfect way to create a unique bouquet, which can only give your warmest emotions and unforgettable memories.

Warning! The number of flowers in the bouquet you choose yourself. Flowers can differ from the picture.

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