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101 yellow roses Dnipro

  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses
  • 101 yellow roses

173 $


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What's the difference? What's the difference?


  • Consist: Rose yellow (101 pc) · Packing for a flower bouquet · Tape for flowers
  • ID product: 7298-6581-3
  • Height: ↕ 60 cm
  • We recommend for: Бабушке, Для мамы, Девушке, Женщине, Бизнес, Благодарность, Выздоравливай, Классические букеты, Коллеге, Люблю, Мужчине, Скучаю, Тёще, Цветы на день Рождения, Цветы на свадьбу, Юбилей
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Buy a bouquet of 101 yellow roses with delivery in Dnipro

Description bouquet

101 yellow rose - warm floral fairy tale. With such a luxurious bouquet you can declare your love, appologise or tell, how you miss apart, congratulate with birthday or relations anniversary.

The sheer number of flowers indicates that the sender of a present is not indifferent to its recipient. 101 roses - is a 101compliment, 101 wish, 101 confession, 101 smile. They can be given to the newlyweds on their wedding, to beloved wife, mother or mother-in-law on the anniversary, the direction - after the conclusion of an important deal or successful negotiations, daughter - at graduation. Choose a reason, choose the recipient and give a golden sun joy!

Note: bouquet decoration may differ from the image displayed on our site.

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CareHow to care for a bouquet?

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