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Roses are a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

A rose is a symbol of mystery, purity, love, joy, respect, youth, and freshness, as well as parting, sadness, silence and modesty ... People who often worry about whether their gift will look correct can breathe a sigh of relief - a bouquet of roses can Feel free to give in any life situation. You can buy roses by the piece in the online store flower delivery in Kyiv – «UFL.»

The story of the fragrant queen

Persia is considered to be the birthplace of this beautiful flower. The first name of this country is “Gulistan”, which translates as “garden of roses”. Images of roses have been found on the walls of Chinese and Indian palaces, as well as on Roman seals and in Egyptian tombs. Roman commanders for special merits allowed subordinates to depict a rose on their shield.

Rose has become the heroine of many legends. People believed that flowers with a strong heady aroma and bright petals were given to them by the gods. The plant amazed scientists and artists, writers and kings with its beauty. Greek poets, including the famous Sappho, called the rose the queen of flowers. The philosopher Confucius and the Greek botanist Theophrastus wrote about how to grow a fragrant queen. The inhabitants of the cities of the ancient world made sweets, wine and oil, cosmetics and jewelry from fragrant petals.

But in the fate of Ancient Rome, the rose played a fatal role. Wealthy Romans adored the flower so much that they continued to buy it even when famine raged in the empire. Historians credit the passion for roses as one of the reasons for the decline of agriculture and the fall of the Roman Empire as such. However, after the death of Rome, the love for the rose was quickly intercepted by Christians, who declared the rose a symbol of mystery.

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In medieval Europe, roses of new varieties were often brought by knights who returned from the Crusades. Soon the flower became so popular that medieval mystics, representatives of the Rosicrucian and Freemason lodges, drew attention to it. They declared the flower to be their sacred symbol. Renaissance artists also idolized the rose - a white fragrant flower became the main attribute of their paintings. The rose was also respected in England, where it first became a symbol of war (Red and White Roses), and then the British crown.

Roses are for the most important people in your life.


People of the 21st century also love roses. You can buy roses by the piece in Kyiv inexpensively in the UFL store. The assortment of the store includes graceful scarlet beauties on a long stems, white and purple flowers, as well as roses of rich pink-gold, yellow-orange, coral and many other shades. In the online store, you can buy roses by the piece of well-known and popular varieties:

  • El Toro;
  • Miss Bombastic;
  • Shangri La;
  • Lavender.

Do you want to give a nice gift that will endear you to a person? One rose is a beautiful compliment, apology, request, or confession. Roses by the piece in Kyiv is an inexpensive gift for everyone. You can purchase one or more roses - our florists will help you create a harmonious bouquet for any occasion.

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