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Rose is a queen of flowers, and there is its beautiful and tender heart hidden in nice-smelling cover, rose petals, that fall in the name of love. Petals become a cover of love for those whose heart is such tender as roses smell. Girls applied this smelling to be charming and to attract love of a good fellow, and men from the ancient Rome poured an oil of roses on their bodies to have victory in some competitions.

Rich oweners and kings used to put rose petals on their beds during sleep or when spending time at the table with guests. Maybe one surprise at that fact, where could they buy rose petals. If some rich and powerful people "had a bee in their head", they made others to bring petals within a storm and break ship in the sea to fulfill their mad wish. But nowdays people dedicated some part of their life to have a possibility not to give honour to a king, but to show real feelings to a lovely friend or bride in such unusual way. So there will not be lack of flowers, because one can simply order rose petals to a place where one's beloved is waiting for. You can use flowers Ukraine to fulfil any exotic wish.

Among different meanings rose also was a symbol of silence. Maybe this is the reason to create love message or to make pictures of heart with help of petals, which say everything without words. In spite of that, wedding rose petals are used after all words have already been said, and make our soul to penetrate into the world of tenderness, mystery, faithfulness, love. This is the occasion when a lot of cheap rose petals can adorn feelings besides of a beautiful celebration.

One can prepare a nice present of real rose petals, such as a rose wine, sugar, or cake. Everyone would be delight at such an unordinary gift. If you stay between choice and hesitation what a present would be better, order rose petals and send them like a complement to your big or small gifts. Touching rose petals, your dear friend's heart will be fulfilled with breath of real love, and have to seize a deep amazing during a long time.


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