Bouquet Flowering mix Poltava

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  • Bouquet Flowering mix Bouquet Flowering mix
  • Bouquet Flowering mix Poltava

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  • Consist: Chrysanthemum green single-head · Rose cream (3 pc) · Rose Silva Pink (2 pc) · Eustoma light green · Wrapping 2 m · Tape for flowers · Eucalyptus
  • ID product:10322-53-3
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Description bouquet

A bouquet in a bright-green and pink mix creates a fresh, energetic, and cheerful visual impression. This color combination brings joy and coziness, adding picturesque contrasts and visual variety.

This color mix can be a great choice for various occasions such as birthdays, and holidays, or simply as a vibrant expression of your admiration and joy.

Please note: the design of the bouquet, as well as the color of the packaging and ribbon, may differ from the images shown.

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