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  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present
  •  Bouquet Plum present

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  • Consist: Calla violet (3 pc) · Eustoma violet (3 pc) · Greens (2 pc) · Oasis · Box M · Vanda Orchid · Carnation violet (3 pc) · Skimmia · Veronica (2 pc) · Solidago (2 pc)
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Description bouquet

A basket of flowers is a very beautiful and practical gift that can be presented for any occasion: birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary, name day or on the occasion of career advancement.

The exquisite composition "Plum Present" consists of refined callas, luxurious eustomas, airy Vanda orchids, as well as other equally beautiful flowers that together create an exquisite bouquet. This present in purple tones will please the recipients with a pleasant and slightly spicy aroma for more than one day.

Attention! The composition may differ from the image presented on the site.

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