Funeral arrangement of fresh flowers № 7 Sakiai

  • Funeral arrangement of fresh flowers № 7 Funeral arrangement of fresh flowers № 7
  • Funeral arrangement of fresh flowers № 7 Sakiai

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  • Consist: Rose spray cream (8 pc) · Rose yellow (8 pc) · Carnation white (10 pc) · Gerbera pink (6 pc) · Lily white (4 pc) · Greens (10 pc) · Statice blue (5 pc) · Oasis (7 pc) · Tape for flowers
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This is how life works: people are born and die. They are greeted with flowers when they are born, and they are seen off with flowers on their final journey. Any farewell ritual does not take place without mourning wreaths. Real and artificial flower wreaths accompany those who have departed into another world on their final journey. These days it is difficult to express your feelings in words, and flowers help to pay tribute, show attention and express condolences to relatives.

Attention: wreath design may differ from images shown

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