Hyacinth blue piece Girard

  • Hyacinth blue piece Hyacinth blue piece
  • Hyacinth blue piece Girard

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  • Consist: Hyacinth blue
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Description bouquet

It’s a remarkable flower, soft color of which symbolizes beauty, love and fidelity. Due to its’ colorful and aerial petals, hyacinth will be a delicate add to most of gorgeous bouquets. It will become a nice and expressive element, which determines compositions’ style and mood.

Hyacinth blue piece greatly combines with the most of flowers, which makes it necessary component of incredible flower masterpieces. There is a legend, according to which someone who gifts this eminent flower wants the one who receives’ life to become better, and the dear one itself be more joyful and happy. Our florists will help you mix the most beauty flowers to create truly gorgeous bouquet, to make your close one’s colors of life more pleasurable and brighter!

Attention! Bouquet decoration may differ from the image displayed on our site.

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