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Yucca Simferopol

  • Bouquet of flowers Yucca
  • Bouquet of flowers Yucca



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It is difficult to imagine a modern office or home without this plant.

TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the content in summer is 20 - 25 degrees, in winter the minimum temperature should be at least 6 - 12 degrees.

LIGHTING: Prefers a bright, sunny place. In summer, yucca is placed outdoors - on the balcony, in the garden, etc. In winter, yucca is placed close to natural light sources - windows. With an insufficient amount of light, the fan of leaves will not be lush and thick.

WATERING: Abundantly from spring to autumn, excess water is drained from the sump, watering is reduced in winter.

AIR HUMIDITY: Does not require spraying the leaves, but sometimes the leaves are wiped with a damp cloth. In winter, when the air in the apartments is dry, yucca is sometimes sprayed. TRANSFER: A yucca transplant is carried out every two years in the spring.

REPRODUCTION: In the spring, by rooting the top of the stem, as well as pieces of the trunk (at least 10 cm long). Reproduction by seeds and offspring is possible.

SIZE: Height - 70 cm, diameter of the pot - 25 cm.

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