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  • Consist: Rose yellow (14 pc) · Blue roses (7 pc) · Oasis · Patriotic box · Eucalyptus
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Description bouquet

Yellow and blue roses in a box are a patriotic and unique composition, which will be an excellent choice for a surprise for relatives, friends or colleagues. Close to the heart colors will certainly evoke the best emotions and your gift will definitely be in the center of attention.

The flower composition "Everything will be Ukraine" is a symbol of our pride, strength and love for our native country. It consists of multi-colored roses that embody the national colors of our Ukraine. This beautiful composition is presented in a round box, complete with a patriotic design.

The composition contains seven blue roses, symbolizing the depth of the sky and our faith in the future. Each rose is selected from the best varieties to convey the sophistication and beautiful shape of the flower. The blue roses in this composition evoke feelings of peace, harmony and national unity.

Fourteen yellow roses in the composition symbolize the sun's rays wrapped in the national spirit. Yellow color reflects joy, optimism and energy. These roses add warmth and light to the composition, creating the impression of a sunny field blooming on our land.

A round box with a patriotic design improves the silhouette of the composition and embodies the national spirit. It is made in the colors of the national flag, which symbolizes our unity and pride. This box creates an impression of strength and grandeur, emphasizing the importance of national values.

Floral composition "Everything will be Ukraine" is an ideal gift for showing patriotism, expressing love for one's country and celebrating national holidays. It is designed to remind us of our strong and unbreakable spiritual heritage. By ordering this composition, you support national art and express your pride in being Ukrainian.
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