Piece bush rose Lady Bombastique Kherson

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  • Piece bush rose Lady Bombastique Piece bush rose Lady Bombastique
  • Piece bush rose Lady Bombastique Kherson

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The Lady Bombastic rose variety is an expression of balanced attractiveness, natural elegance and mysterious sensuality. Majestic flowers with double colors, iridescent from pink to crimson at the edges, have a shape reminiscent of peonies. They are often chosen to create wedding arrangements and romantic bouquets, giving them a special charm and splendor. The rose is unpretentious and harmoniously complements any bouquet.

Species feature: the outer petals of roses may differ from others - this is the so-called “shirt” that protects the bud from external damage. Often florists deliberately leave these petals on the buds so that the roses retain their freshness longer. You can easily remove it at will.

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