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Calathea Simferopol

  • Bouquet of flowers Calathea
  • Bouquet of flowers Calathea



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Calathea - (Calathea, arrowroot family, lat.Marantaceae) indoor plant of the arrowroot family. This decorative-deciduous perennial rhizome plant is valued for the originality of the color of the leaves, which can be pure green or with a different pattern of stripes and spots of various shades - from yellow to red-brown. Calathea is undeniably beautiful, but very capricious plant. TEMPERATURE: Moderate, in winter not lower than 16 - 19 degrees. Does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and drafts.

LIGHTING: Bright diffused light, light partial shade, protected from direct sunlight. With a lack of light, the color of the leaves is lost.

WATERING: Watered with warm soft water more abundantly in summer, more moderate in winter.

AIR HUMIDITY: Plants need moist air, regular spraying of the leaves. The pot is placed in moist peat or kept in a terrarium. Leaves are periodically wiped with a sponge - especially those types of kalata that have hard glossy leaves, varieties with thin, velvety leaves are best not wiped off, but they need humid air no less.

TRANSFER: Transplanted every two years in the spring.

REPRODUCTION: Calathea - reproduct mainly by dividing the bush, but at home it is better not to do this on your own.

SIZE: Height - 40 cm, diameter of the pot - 16 cm.

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