Foil pink heart balloon Kharkov

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  • Foil pink heart balloon Foil pink heart balloon
  • Foil pink heart balloon Kharkov

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  • Consist: Foil balloon pink heart · Helium (2 pc)
  • ID product:10208-41-3
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What birthday would be complete without balloons? They immediately create the right mood and help to decorate the birthday room. But you can give such a decorative element for any other holiday, be it February 14, March 8 or New Year.

A foil balloon in the form of a pink heart will be an appropriate gift for a loved one, friend, child, mother or colleague. For the indicated price, you will buy two hearts at once. The balloons are already filled with helium and are ready to suddenly appear from behind your back and deliver a lot of joy and childish delight to the person you love!

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