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Tender sapphire Khmelnitsky

  •  Bouquet Tender sapphire
  •  Bouquet Tender sapphire

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  • ID product: 8157-42-3
  • Size: Middle
  • Height: ↕ 60 cm
  • Diameter: Ø 25 cm
  • Consist: Packing for a flower bouquet · Tape for flowers · Rose spray red (3 pc) · Roses spray pink (4 pc) · Rose spray cream (4 pc)
  • We recommend for: Для мамы, Девушке, Подруге, Женщине, Благодарность, Выздоравливай, Дочке, Люблю, Прости, Сестре, Скучаю, Цветы на день Рождения
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Buy a bouquet of Tender sapphire with delivery in Khmelnitsky

Description bouquet

Have you had feelings for a girl for a long time, and do you want to confess this to her in an original way? Order a bouquet of "Tenderness of Sapphire" with delivery to the recipient's home or workplace! Prepare some nice words expressing your sincere intentions. Believe me, such a sensual and beautiful gift will not go unnoticed by the girl, you'll see!

Refined roses of various shades, carefully wrapped in beautiful kraft paper, give the flowers sophistication and comfort. You can give a beautiful bouquet on the occasion of your wife's birthday, the name day of your girlfriend, or your daughter's prom. Just order "Sapphire Tenderness", complete the flowers with the main gift, and our couriers will deliver it on time.

Attention! The composition may differ from the image presented on the site.

The bouquet may differ from the image represented on the site.

Flower delivery Khmelnitsky.

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