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Calla white piece Lviv

  • Calla white piece
  • Calla white piece
  • Calla white piece
  • Calla white piece

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  • Size: small
  • Number of flowers:
  • Height: ↕ 50 cm
  • Consist: Calla white
  • We recommend for: Девушке, Женщине, Годовщина свадьбы, Люблю, Скучаю, Цветы на день Рождения
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Buy a bouquet of Calla white piece with delivery in Lviv

Description bouquet

White callas are beautiful flowers for wedding decoration. A subtle petal that covers the heart of the flower looks beautiful and luxuriously. That's why calla is a popular element of wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements. Such lovely and sensual plants can emphasise the youth and feminity of beloved addressee.

You can give snow-white callas for name day, jubilee or anniversary both to a dear woman or good friend. Anyway, a bunch of white blooms will leave a lasting impression and grant many positive emotions.

Attention! The number of flowers in the bouquet you choose yourself. Flowers can differ from the picture

How to care for a bouquet?
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