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Piece of Heaven Kiev

  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven
  • Bouquet Piece of Heaven

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  • ID product: 8899-6-3
  • Size: Large
  • Number of flowers: 25
  • Height: ↕ 45 cm
  • Diameter: Ø 20 cm
  • Consist: Ornamental flowerpot S, Oasis, Greens, Carnation pink (7 pc), Carnation green (5 pc), Gerberа varicolored (3 pc), Rose pink (7 pc), Rose red up to 70 sm (3 pc), Alstroemeria varicolored (5 pc), Chrysanthemum spray green (5 pc)
  • We recommend for: Бабушке, Выздоравливай, Девушке, Для мамы, Женщине, Коллеге, Композиции, Тёще
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Buy a bouquet of Piece of Heaven with delivery in Kiev

Description bouquet

The original arrangement has been composed of lots of miniature colorful flowers to charm anyone with its incredible saturation. The composition, floral basis of which consists of the mix of seasonal flowers, complemented with green and oasis, would become an unusual and refined present.

Composition «Piece of Heaven» is a representation of delicate and strong emotions. The particular mix of flowers makes the composition one of those magnificent presents leaving an amazing impression after. It will be a great present for mom, a sister, a teacher and a colleague. Let your close ones’ eyes shine brightly with this unforgettable composition!

Attention! Bouquet decoration may differ from the images displayed on our site.
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