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Beaucarnea Kiev

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  • Product Beaucarnea

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Description товара

The Ponytail Palm Tree, scientific name Beaucarnea recurvata, is well-known because of its stunning trunk that is greatly swollen at the base making this palm look like a giant onion. It produces creamy-white flowers in spring or summer. They bloom for several weeks two or three times a year.
A very easy care plant sought after for its unusual spiraling foliage and its large and oddly shaped trunks. When young, the plant appears to be growing from an onion like base or bulb. As the plant matures, it develops a larger, usually round trunk. This functions as a water storage container to help the plant weather extended dry periods. For this reason, the plant suffers little to no damage when neglected. However, those who tend to over water should take care not to keep the plant so wet that the trunk begins to rot. Native to Mexico, it is often grown outdoors or used in landscaping in tropical locales.

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