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Aturium_white Kiev

  • Bouquet of flowers Aturium_white
  • Bouquet of flowers Aturium_white



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  • ID product: 7547-6-3
  • Height: ↕ 30 cm
  • Consist: Anthurium potting
  • We recommend for: Бабушке, Для мамы, Преподавателю / Учителю, Женщине, Благодарность, Выздоравливай, Коллеге, Мужчине, Тёще, Цветы на день Рождения, Юбилей
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Description goods

The height of the plant in the pot is 30 cm.

Watering is best done with soft, settled water at room temperature as the topsoil dries out (approximately 1-2 times a week). When the flower is poured, the roots begin to rot.

The temperature should be high enough to reach 28 ° C in summer and 16 ° C in winter.

The humidity of the air should be constantly high, therefore, spray the flower from the spray bottle every day.

It is better to transplant anthurium in early March.

With proper care, the plant will bloom almost all year round!

Attention: externally, the product may differ from the photograph presented on the website.

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