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45 red roses Kiev

  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses
  • Bouquet 45 red roses

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  • ID product: 6159-6-3
  • Size: Large
  • Number of flowers: 45
  • Height: ↕ 50 cm
  • Consist: Tape (2 pc), Rose El Toro 50 cm (45 pc)
  • We recommend for: Бізнес, Вдячність, Дівчині, День народження, Жінці, Классичні букети, Колезі, Вибач, Сумую, Квіти на весілля, Юбілей
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I ready use your service in the future!

Buy a bouquet of 45 red roses with delivery in Kiev

Description bouquet

It is a bouquet of 45 roses of amazing scarlet color. It radiates love and brings happiness, and the woman whom it is meant for will not be able to curb her delight and words of love! Present flowers to your sweetheart both on weekdays and weekends!

Red roses are a powerful aphrodisiac that works on the girls flawlessly and flash-like. Give your sweetheart flowers on holidays and weekdays! And your relations will become even brighter and happier. A large bouquet of red roses is a wonderful gift for the holidays on February, 14 and March, 8, on the jubilee and wedding anniversary.
Attention: Bouquet may differ slightly from the pictures on the website.

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