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Island of love Kiev

  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love
  • Букет Island of love

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37 $ 31 $


Уже купили: 1634 чел.



  • ID товара: 8310-6-3
  • Размер: Средний
  • Количество букетов:
  • Высота: ↕ 60 см.
  • Состав: Ruskus (5 шт.), Tape, Packing, Rose red 60 sm (11 шт.)
  • Рекомендуем по поводу: Бабушке, Бизнес, Благодарность, Годовщина свадьбы, Девушке, День рождения, Для мамы, Женщине, Люблю, Подруге, Прости, Скучаю, Цветы на свадьбу, Юбилей
  • Просмотров за неделю: 66 чел.


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  • Возврат денег: 100% возврат денег гарантирован в случае, если качество товара не устроило. Вы абсолютно ничем не рискуете

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  • Качество: «Мы сделаем Вам красивый букет!» Савицкая Виктория, руководитель флористов

  • Надежность: «Мы доставим Ваш заказ вовремя!» Грошков Роман, руководитель логистики
Christer Karlsson

Постоянный клиент с 23 September 2018

Общая оценка:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 из 5
24 September 2020 12:29

Christer Karlsson: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа Christer rate service:

Manager work:

Florist work:

Flowers quality:

Delivery service:

Site usability:

I am ready recommend your company


с 14 February 2020

15 February 2020 02:18

Elias: I was unable to make the order without giving both email address and phone number which is bad, really bad. I used Paypal for payment and Paypal has my email address which enables UFL to contact me so they need neither my email address or phone number. I was unable to finish the order as Paypal did not understand the delivery address I was given. I understand it is not UFL fault. When Paypal failed,I was unable to go back to my order on the UFL site and use another payment method. Which is bad as well. I tried contacting UFL through their online chatbot and got an answer in the beginning before making the order. After the payment trouble with Paypal it took a long time to get in contact with the chatbot again. When I finally got through to them they gave me a URL to restart the payment process. I then had to use a USA address to finish the Paypal payment. The person I was in contact with was very very understanding and helpful and very patient as well. The persons in the chat systems are very good assets for the company. I'd not recommend this retailer if you intend to use Paypal, the UFL implementation is unsatisfactory. The Paypal implementation needs to be worked on, so Paypal does not ask for the shipping address again. It is already in the UFL system. I know that in a way it is a Paypal flaw as their address setup is not helpful for foreigners who do not understand how Ukranian adresses are made up. There is no help, only that the address was incorrect, even though it wasn't. I hope this helps.

Jean-Paul Theroux

Постоянный клиент с 30 March 2017

14 February 2020 10:43

Jean-Paul Theroux: I have been buying flowers from UFL for three years now. I have never been disappointed with the price, quality, delivery time or the photos of the recipients. Thank you one and all at UFL. Jean-Paul

Buy a bouquet of Island of love with delivery in Kiev

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