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101 blue roses Kiev

  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses
  • 101 blue roses



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  • ID product: 7821-6-3
  • Size: Large
  • Number of bouquets:
  • Height: ↕ 60 cm
  • Consist: Packing for a flower bouquet , Tape for flowers
  • We recommend for: Женщине, Бизнес, Благодарность, Скучаю, Экзотические букеты, Юбилей
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Buy a bouquet of 101 blue roses with delivery in Kiev

Description bouquet

Attention! Order this bouquet 2 weeks before the date of delivery.

A hundred of gorgeous fresh roses are artfully assembled into a huge hemisphere. A silk ribbon that ties up this gorgeous bouquet wrapped in snow-white package is of the same unexpected and amazingly rich blue color as the roses are. The lower part of the stems is not hidden on purpose – the numerous divergent rays of their tips peeled off the thorns and trimmed neatly create a kind of openwork addition to this chic bouquet of fabulous beauty.

No doubt the bouquet is worth being presented at a special celebration to which it will add some mystery and mystique. Blue roses symbolize a dream, they are a perfect present for mysterious and enigmatic personalities. An occasion can be various: an anniversary, a wedding, a corporate holiday, a party celebrating an important event in a person’s life - when his or her dream has come true.

Attention: Bouquet may differ slightly from the pictures on the website.

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