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Sunflowers have bright petals and beautifully shaped buds. Today on sale you can find specially bred varieties of this plant. They can be used to create beautiful bouquets and decorate rooms. A composition of these bright and cheerful colors can complement the image of a bride or a first grader. We offer to buy bouquets of sunflowers in Kyiv at the most affordable prices.


The sunflower is one of the symbols of summer. This flower in many cultures is associated with the sun. Which gave the plant another name - helianthus. That is, "solar flower". But today, special varieties of sunflowers have been bred, which also have other shades of petals. The buds of such bright plants look spectacular in various floral arrangements.

Today you can buy a bouquet with sunflowers of different lengths. There are tall, medium and short plants of this type. Experienced florists have found a use for each type of sunflower. But the most popular in the preparation of bouquets are medium-sized plants.

Bouquet with sunflowers

Today you can buy a bouquet of sunflowers for September 1 or another holiday that takes place from late spring to mid-autumn. Decorative sunflowers are grown in special greenhouses. Therefore, it will not be difficult to assemble a composition of these bright colors even in the cold season.

The choice in favor of bouquets of sunflowers is justified for several reasons:

  • Long retains its freshness and bright color of the petals.
  • The cost of flowers of this type is at the most affordable level.
  • With the right composition, the compositions look impressive and expensive.
  • They do not have a strong odor, so they do not cause allergies.
  • Perfectly combined with a large number of flowering plants.

Please note: Experienced florists are able to create a romantic atmosphere with the help of helianthus. Flowers of this type allow you to transfer the warmth of summer days into rainy autumn. And thanks to the companion colors, you can complement the composition with the shades that you need.

How long do sunflowers stay fresh when cut?

A bouquet of sunflowers will be a great addition to the interior. With proper care, the flowers will not lose their freshness and richness for several weeks. In order for the helianthus to please the eye for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to several rules:

The water in the vase should be slightly warmer than room temperature.
To preserve the bright color, salt must be added to the water.
It is important to change the liquid in the vase every 2-3 days.
Before changing the water in the vase, pour boiling water over the container.
Before placing flowers in new water, the stems must be shortened by 3–5 cm.
Please note: Although the sunflower is a light-loving plant, the sun's rays can harm it. Therefore, the bouquet must be protected from direct sunlight. But you should not completely block the bouquet from access to natural light.

What does the sunflower mean and symbolize?

Each flower has its own symbolism. Sunflower is no exception. This flower is endowed with special energy. Even a bouquet with 1 sunflower will delight everyone to whom it will be addressed with its colors.

Sunflower flowers symbolize life, strength and love. In ancient Greece, this flower was considered the only connection between man and the sun. The plant has a large number of different legends and signs. In many cultures, the sunflower was considered a talisman and endowed with other magical properties. Today you can find this plant in the form of embroidery in almost all Slavic peoples.

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We can buy decorative sunflowers in Kyiv at the lowest prices. In our store there are several compositions from this plant. We offer original design of bouquets in the form of bright baskets and hat boxes. Order flowers with free delivery right now!

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