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Teddy bear white 90 cm Mirniy/Crimea

  • Товар Teddy bear white 90 cm
  • Товар Teddy bear white 90 cm

92 $


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  • ID товара: 9101-5474-3
  • Состав: Toy Teddy bear white 90 cm
  • Рекомендуем по поводу: Девушке, День рождения, Дочке, Женщине, Люблю, Новорожденным, Подруге, Прости, Ребенку, Сестре
  • Просмотров за неделю: 41 чел.


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  • Качество: «Мы сделаем Вам красивый букет!» Савицкая Виктория, руководитель флористов

  • Надежность: «Мы доставим Ваш заказ вовремя!» Грошков Роман, руководитель логистики

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19 March 2019

Brian: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа
Keep your prices and quality as it is and I will continue to use your service.
Brian rate service:

Manager work:

Florist work:

Flowers quality:

Delivery service:

Site usability:

I ready use your service in the future!

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08 October 2018

o o: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа
I sent these flowers and bear for my friend birthday from france to ukraine.. My friend was supposed to be at home but she changed her mind and went to play bowling with friends... UA-Flowers brought flowers to her in the bowling place. So thank you very much for your service, it was great and a nice surprise for her .
Fabrice Flamand rate service:

Manager work:

Florist work:

Flowers quality:

Delivery service:

Site usability:

Ответ UFL: Thank you very much for using the services of our company. We really want to see you among our regular and most happy customers. Sincerely, Maria

Buy Teddy bear white 90 cm with shipping to Mirniy/Crimea

Описание товара

White Teddy bear is a loyal friend and a reliable satellite. His soft and delicate paws are made for hugs. And the paws size makes an irresistible impression even of the most sophisticated ladies.

The plush toy amazes not only with its height but also with the highest quality of the material. The white bear will become an outstanding gift for both young girl and adult lady. You won’t miss if you choose that one as a gift on Birthday, Name-day or Valentine’s Day. Besides, there’s nothing better than the 1-meter height plush bear in the situation you want to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry”. The Teddy bear will become the best support in relieving your feelings. Give it a chance!

Attention! The bouquet may differ from the images displayed on our site.


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