Basket with sweets and teddy Paide

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  • Basket with sweets and teddy Basket with sweets and teddy
  • Basket with sweets and teddy Paide

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  • Consist: Box M · Nutella 200g · Tape for flowers · Chocolate Milka 100 g · Candies Raffaello 150 g · Grey teddy bear I love you
  • ID product:9368-4266-3
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A wicker basket with sweets is a wonderful gift for any person who loves sweets. Inside the basket are various goodies that will pleasantly surprise the recipient:

  • Bear. A soft toy will add warmth and comfort to a gift.
  • Nutella. A popular chocolate hazelnut cream that can be spread on bread or crackers, or added to cake or muffins.
  • Raphael. Gourmet coconut sweets that will be a great addition to a cup of coffee or tea.
  • A box of Milka chocolates. Soft milk chocolates Milka with various flavors such as nuts, berries and fruits.

The basket is decorated with a red bow and a decorative heart, which emphasizes the romantic and welcoming nature of the gift. This set is suitable for many occasions such as Valentine's Day, March 8, Birthday, Anniversary or just as a sign of attention and care.

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