Ser-Vice Mogilev

  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice
  • Букет Ser-Vice

96 $


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  • ID товара: 6309-1645-3
  • Размер: Маленький
  • Количество цветов: 8
  • Высота: ↕ 50 см.
  • Состав: Gerberа orange (2 шт.), Gerberа yellow (2 шт.), Lily yellow (2 шт.), Rose orange (3 шт.), Сhrysanthemum green (2 шт.), Greens, Packing, Tape
  • Просмотров за неделю: 60 чел.


UFL Гарантирует 100%

  • Возврат денег: 100% возврат денег гарантирован в случае, если качество товара не устроило. Вы абсолютно ничем не рискуете

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  • Качество: «Мы сделаем Вам красивый букет!» Савицкая Виктория, руководитель флористов

  • Надежность: «Мы доставим Ваш заказ вовремя!» Грошков Роман, руководитель логистики

Buy a bouquet of Ser-Vice with delivery in Mogilev

Описание букета

The bright flame of the fiery bouquet of orange and yellow gerberas, stirringly sunny lilies and Indian orange roses in clear greenery of lancet-shaped foliage is a true flower vitamin energy drink for the one you decide to present with it.

Would you like to raise somebody’s spirits, to treat the one you love for depression, to add festivity to daily routine? You are welcome! Do you want to express your delight from communication with a dear person, your admiration of this person’s optimism and power? No problem! Do you feel like highlighting someone's special date or an important event in life with a flower fire-show? Easily! Among all festive bouquets this one is probably one of the best. A man or a woman, a young, mature or elderly person - everyone will be pleased to receive such a present on Valentine's Day, Women’s Day, anniversary, birthday, Motherland Defender Day. The main thing is to present it with warmth in your heart and sparkle in your eyes.

Design of the bouquet may differ from the one presented on the site. Vase is not included in its cost.
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