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Aphelandra Volos

  • Товар Aphelandra
  • Товар Aphelandra

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Описание товара

Aphelandra is a genus of about 170 species of flowering plants in the family Acanthaceae, native to tropical regions of the Americas.
They are evergreen shrubs growing to 1-2 m tall, with opposite, simple leaves 5-30 cm long, often with white veins. The flowers are produced in dense spikes, with brightly coloured bracts. Several species are grown as houseplants for their patterned leaves and brightly coloured inflorescences.
These plants may be grown outdoors in mild climates, in humus-rich soil; otherwise, they need to be grown in homes or greenhouses. When grown indoors, well-drained pots that are filled with equal parts of loam and peat and a generous amount of sand should be used. They should be placed in bright, indirect light out of drafts. Water must be applied with care. Waterlogged, or very dry soil will make the leaves fall. They should be fed with liquid fertilizer as the flowers form. When they've finished blooming, less water is needed. Do not pinch off the tips of the shoots, the idea is to produce one stem with one large spike of flowers.

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