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  • Fruit basket Vitamin Slima


    Fruit basket Vitamin

    143 $

  • Fruit Set Slima


    Fruit Set

    137 $

  • 6551-702-3

    Fruit basket

    199 $

  • Recommended! vitamin C cart Slima


    Recommended! vitamin C cart

    75 $

  • Gift Basket 11 Slima


    Gift Basket 11

    183 $

  • 8803-702-3

    Gift basket Sweet moments

    187 $

  • 8270-702-3

    Juicy basket

    107 $

  • 7631-702-3

    Basket Tropics

    171 $

  • 8268-702-3

    Tasty present

    108 $

  • 9501-702-3

    Fruit box


Fruit baskets is the best choice - Slima

It is very easy to please relatives and friends if you approach this goal with a share of creativity. But you still need to get reliable assistants. These are special services that have been delivering gifts for many years. Do not neglect the chance to open a piece of your soul. You may be busy at work, be away on a business trip, but loved ones can feel your care, even if you are now on the other half of the globe. If you want to make peace, congratulate in an original way, or simply surprise your loved ones, then in this case you need to give up flowers, although, of course, they are never superfluous. Do you want to make a lasting impression and present something special and original? Then, perhaps, it is better to collect a large basket of various benefits for the soul and health - these are fruits, honey, and sweets.



Healing fruit basket. Kyiv is a healthy capital!

In the life of every person there are moments when feelings need to be shown somehow in a special way. A person may be far away from you, and you miss him nostalgically, or someone is in the hospital, and the person needs to be distracted from white coats and walls, or you were wrong about something, but realizing, you want to reconcile and happily ever after to live together. Often such a task becomes the most difficult test for someone who is eager to show their care and love.

How to evoke warm feelings in a loved one? How to choose a gift so that the emphasis is on care, and not on value? There are things that are not determined by price. Do you agree? What you are looking for is a fruit basket. Slima - Here the UFL team acts as a real helper, collecting and handing your surprise to close people from your environment.

Regardless of the diet, fruits should be the main component of it. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle not for Instagram, but for themselves, will be delighted with a chic basket. For lovers of dried fruits, there is also the opportunity to collect an equally nutritious composition. And for those who like to complement the rich taste of fruit with something special, sparkling, we put, of course, champagne. And even for children, this drink is perfect, because there are also children's baskets, and, of course, children's champagne or juice is put into them.

Organize a vitamin cocktail, give fruit baskets. Slima - there is a lot of useful goodness here.

A healthy approach to gifts is a huge plus. Do you know who needs to be pampered the most? Yes, women, but don't forget the kids. They can often get sick, and all because parents can miss that significant period when you need to show as much care as possible and replenish the body's vitamin supply. And it is not necessary to buy some complexes in pharmacies for this. Sometimes enough fruit. Of course, the easiest way is to give modern smartphones or tablets once a year. But frequent small gifts cause sincere children's joy. It turns out that positive emotions raise immunity and general tone.


Have you ever given your child something other than electronic gadgets? Maybe it's time to please them with simple and beautiful gifts. For example, the baby is sick and he has no mood to play, do homework, or rage. How to correct this situation? Children are able to rejoice at any gift. And if you make him a surprise that will benefit the body, then this is doubly pleasant. Choose fruit baskets. Slima is open to importing the most exquisite fruits of nature, therefore, in our bouquets you will find a variety of fruits - from native apples to your favorite pineapples and exotic mangoes. In order for an enthusiastic smile to appear on the face of your child, you need to place a large content of citruses, juices and other goodies in the container.

By the way, you probably didn’t imagine the assortment of sweets from which you have to choose?! Here are some of them:

·    jam jars;

·    copper;

·    apples, pears, grapes;

·    lemons, oranges, pomelo;

·    pineapples, bananas, kiwi, pomegranates;

·    Ferrero Rocher candies, "Kinder-surprise" eggs, "Barny" bars, cookies;

·    children's and Soviet champagne, juices, etc.


Think how nice it is to receive the fruits of the summer garden at any other time of the year. After all, an armful of apples, pears and grapes is the classic that is so necessary after gray winter days. And tropical fruits give a special mood, as if you are on vacation and are already planning a vacation. Your loved ones will definitely be pleased with the fruit basket. Slima is a green city, not only with the flowering of trees, but also with the blossoming of the soul.


If you are busy most of the time, but so want to take care of your loved ones, immediately - today, entrust the presentation of a surprise to the UFL team. We will deliver your compliment to any district of the capital. Do you want to surprise your loved ones in the morning, during working hours or late in the evening? No problem! Managers will help to realize your idea in a sophisticated and "tasteful" way.

We make fantasies come true

·    make a combination of fruits;

·    we dilute garden fruits with juices and other drinks;

·    sweeten the vitamin set with chocolates;

·    decorate the basket with ribbons, flowers and other decor.

Contact us when you no longer have the strength to hide sincere feelings, and it's time to show them to loved ones. Emphasize their importance in your life by showing care!



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