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Flowers for a girl - as an integral part of a romantic relationship - Undjungpandang

Oh, this candy-bouquet period, filled with awe, sensuality, excitement, passion and love. When you want to put the whole world at her feet, get a star from the sky, do some deed, say words of love every minute, and, of course, wrap her in an atmosphere of romance and sensuality. This period is simply impossible to imagine without courtship, going to the cinema, theaters, cafes, long walks and a sea of flowers! Not just because it is called candy-bouquet. But what kind of flowers is it customary to give a girl? Was it worth following some special etiquette, rules? Or is it enough to just stick to one thing - give an odd amount? Of course, you can and so, do not bother. But if you want the girl to accept the bouquet not as a “beautiful broom”, then, of course, you should choose something special. After all, each flower and its shade symbolize something.

How to choose the right bouquet for a girl?

In fact, there is nothing difficult to please your soulmate with a wonderful flower arrangement. It is unlikely that there will be a representative of the fair half who will not be delighted with such a present. If you don’t know what flowers a girl prefers, then the following tips will help you make the right choice:

  • For a first date, you should not choose a bouquet of 1000 roses. This can not only impress, but also scare the girl away. It will be a gentle, beautiful bouquet of pastel shades. The choice can be given to tulips, a soft pink box of roses, a magnificent eustoma or an original composition from a mix of flowers.
  • If your beloved has a birthday, then feel free to take a bouquet of scarlet roses. They symbolize love. You can and even need to give such flowers to a girl on Valentine's Day.
  • Is it your relationship anniversary? Great! Then something very romantic is needed. You can congratulate her with a wonderful composition in the form of a heart, of course with a candlelit dinner.
  • If you have been together for a long time and decided to propose to her, then pay attention to white flowers. They symbolize purity and tenderness. It can be lilies, chrysanthemums, roses.
  • Is your lover a little sick? It is urgent to cheer her up, because the positive always contributes to a speedy recovery. And sunny gerberas are sure to bring a smile to her face. These representatives of the flora delight with their colors. You can take pink gerberas, red, yellow or orange. And you can even combine several shades!

Reason plays a big role in the choice of composition:

  • Have a fight? Late for dinner? Did you notice the new hairstyle? In this case, you will definitely need a bouquet of flowers for a girl that will melt her heart. Any representatives of the flora will do, but it is better to choose non-aggressive colors. Ditch red for pinks, purples and creams. You can also add something sweet to it, for example, a box of her favorite candies.
  • Have you made a date with her? Don't forget to grab a bouquet! It is best to take those flowers that can last for some time without water, for example, chrysanthemums. Or just buy a composition that uses an oasis that saturates the plant with the necessary moisture.
  • March 8 is a special holiday for all ladies. And, no matter what gift you buy, you can’t do without a bouquet. On this spring holiday, the most relevant compositions are seasonal representatives of the flora: tulips, irises, mimosa, hyacinths. But do not forget that on International Women's Day, all men attack flower shops, so it's better to order flowers for a girl in advance if you don't want to be in an awkward situation. By the way, in UFL you can easily place a pre-order.
  • Do you have to go on a business trip on the eve of Valentine's Day or the anniversary of a relationship? Not a very pleasant situation. But this does not mean that you need to congratulate her in advance or do it after returning. After all, everyone knows that "the road is a spoon for dinner." All you need is to use UFL delivery service. And even if you are on another continent, then buying flowers for a girl is not difficult. You just need to choose a suitable bouquet, order it and indicate the time and address of delivery. Our couriers will do the rest!
  • It is not just that beautiful representatives of humanity are identified with flowers. After all, they are just as delicate, fragile, beautiful and sophisticated. And most importantly - they are all beautiful in their own way. And they need love and care. Feel free to remind your loved one how much you appreciate her. To do this, you do not need to get the stars from the sky, to perform some unpredictable actions. It is enough sometimes, for no reason, to give her flowers and constantly say words of love. So you can extend the candy-bouquet period not for a year or two, but even for decades.

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