Flowers in the New Year Decor

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On the eve of the winter holidays everything is transforming, we dive into the wonderful atmosphere of preparation and expectation of fun, warmth and coziness. In the New Year’s Eve it seems that the worst is behind us, and ahead of us awaits only the best. It is not surprising that for the New 2015 year each should be prepared in advance and very carefully, thinking through all the details.

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How to please a symbol of the year  the Goat?

When we enter into someone's brightly decorated home, you will agree that the mood immediately improves, and a sense of celebration fills your heart. It is worth to try and decorate your house so that it becomes breathtaking! First we need to decide in which room will be the main part of the celebration held, it is worth paying the most attention.

When usual decorations become boring, and there is a wish for something original, compositions from fresh flowers come to the rescue! Such elements of a decor gain more recognition in fashion every year for a long time, and the New Year's floristics becomes more and more popular.

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We have prepared some tips on how to choose the right flowers to decorate the house, and we hasten to share them with you:

  • while decorating the room or the whole house focus on the preferences of the symbol 2015 year - the Goat. Its main colors are blue and green, as well as all kinds of shades in between. Therefore we advise you to choose bouquets of flowers in these colors, for example, the composition of irises or gladioluses;
  • we all know that goat likes to graze on green meadow eating grass, so make sure that in a room with a Christmas tree and decorations is enough greenery. Also you can use live fresh cut flowers and houseplants. We will tell about them a little later;
  • do not forget about the decor of the room. Excellent solution will be not only to arrange the New Year composition in baskets, but also decorate the backs of chairs and a festive table with flower buds. In recent years decorating a Christmas tree with different flowers become increasingly popular, it looks truly unusual and chic!

Christmas potted plants

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Blooming potted plants are more budget option for decorating the room with fresh flowers. Use your creative imagination and powder vases with artificial snow, create the impression of the cold frosted bushes. Also don’t be too lazy and add some figures of goats and sheep in the pots and luck will definitely be in your pocket!

The most common New Year, as well as the Christmas flower is the poinsettia. If you stop your choice on the basis of colors, the most suitable ones are:

  • white;
  • light pink;
  • silver, this effect can be achieved with the help of artificial snow and glitter;
  • pale lilac;
  • turquoise;
  • ivory and milk.

Perhaps the most unusual way to use houseplants in the New Year decor is to put a little flower in a transparent Christmas ball. Keep in mind that this idea can be used only those plants that love the greenhouse effect.

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