Blue and yellow bouquet Kherson

ID: 10095-58-3

  • Blue and yellow bouquet Blue and yellow bouquet
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Blue and yellow bouquet
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Blue and yellow bouquet
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Blue and yellow bouquet
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Kherson
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Kherson
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Kherson
  • Blue and yellow bouquet Kherson

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  • Consist: Hydrangea blue · Rose yellow (3 pc) · Rose shrub yellow (3 pc) · Wrapping 1m · tape · Eucalyptus (3 pc)
  • ID product:10095-58-3
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Description bouquet

There is no need for an event to be presented. For a gift for no reason, flowers are best suited, of course. The yellow-blue bouquet, in addition to a delicate floral scent, also has a bright fresh aroma due to the presence of eucalyptus in it.

The patriotic bouquet "Ukrainian Flag" is an expression of our love and pride for our native country. This bouquet consists of special flowers that symbolize our national flag. Packaged in a blue wrapper, the bouquet impresses with its sophistication and national character.

The flower that occupies the central place in the bouquet is a blue hydrangea. It reminds of the purity of the sky and the calmness of the Ukrainian steppes. Its bright blue color attracts attention and creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

The yellow rose, located next to the hydrangea, symbolizes the fire of our flag. Its bright shades of yellow embody the energy, optimism and solar power of the Ukrainian people. Each rose is selected with great care to convey the elegance and beautiful shape of the flower.

The yellow-blue bouquet "Ukrainian Flag" is a symbol of unity, pride and national identity. It will be a great gift during the celebration of national holidays, independence days or important events for our country or a patriot of Ukraine. In addition, it can be used as a symbol of support for the national team or other sports events where Ukraine is represented on the international stage.

Give a bouquet of "Ukrainian Flag" and express your deep attachment to our country. It will remind of our national values, the beauty of our land and the strength of the Ukrainian spirit.

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