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3 heart balloons Amsterdam

  • 3 heart balloons
  • 3 heart balloons

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  • Consist: Balloon latex 14 Celebrate (usual) (3 pc) , Helium (3 pc)
  • We recommend for: Квіти на день народження
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Air balloons are one of the few things that can excite the storm of joy and delight not only among children but among grownups as well in spite of its plainness and simplicity. It is hard to imagine any cheerful special event (like wedding, corporate party, birthday, professional holiday or anniversary) without them.

Three romantic air balloons filled with helium will be an extraordinary addition to a bouquet from our collection and are sure to be dwelling in your daughter’s or beloved girl’s memory for a long time.

Attention please!
The color can be different from the picture.
Delivery of the gift is possible only together with flowers.

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