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  • Gerberas mix by the piece Gerberas mix by the piece
  • Gerberas mix by the piece Wormerveer

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Scarlet gerberas, like the first feeling of falling in love, are able to excite the heart of a beloved woman. It would seem that an ordinary flower, but how much charm and tenderness is in it! According to an ancient legend, the plant appeared thanks to the sincere and bright love of an angel for an earthly girl. Unfortunately, the story does not end with the happy reunion of the lover with the beautiful "flower". And yet, she gave the plant a deep meaning.

In the language of flowers, gerberas represent true love, sincerity, and purity. By presenting a whole bunch of scarlet flowers, you can express your most intimate feelings. However, it is not necessary to give gerberas only to lovers. Such flowers are perfect as a congratulation for mom, grandmother, sister, or aunt. Give your loved ones new experiences, bring a lot of bright colors into their lives with the help of sensual and eloquent plants, and they will thank you more than once!

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Attention! When ordering this bouquet, you choose multi-colored gerberas. If you want the flowers to be of the same color, please agree on the possibility with the manager. The bouquet may differ from the image presented on the site. The number of flowers in the bouquet is up to you.

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