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Gift basket «Sweet moments» Ivano-Frankovsk

  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»
  • Gift basket «Sweet moments»

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  • ID product: 8803-38-3
  • Consist: Grape 1 kg · Banana · Box M · Oranges, 1 kg · Kinder Surprise (3 pc) · Biscuit Barney (3 pc) · Kids champagne
  • We recommend for: Ребенку, Дочке
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Description goods

This fabulous basket full of sweets is an awesome and particular gift for so long-expected holidays. It’s a luxurious present, components of which will amaze any child! Kids’ champagne, biscuits, oranges, grape, bananas and Kinder surprises are elements of the truly stunning mix for the dearest ones’.

Gift basket «Sweet moments» is an incredible present that consists of the most wanted sweets for every child! This basket is a gorgeous gift for Christmas, a New Year, a Birthday and a festive of a carefree child that will make this day a bit brighter and much more delicious!

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