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Calathea Stromanta Simferopol

  •  Bouquet Calathea Stromanta
  •  Bouquet Calathea Stromanta



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Calathea - houseplant, family Marantaceae.
Lighting. Calathea- relatively shade-loving plants grow well at diffused light, like the bright diffused light. In winter, the plants also desirable good lighting. Not tolerate the direct sun during the spring and summer months. The size and colour of the leaves depend on well it is protected plant from the sun. If the light is very bright, leaves lose their color, and decreases the leaf blade.
Temperature. In the spring-summer period during the day was suitable for Calathea temperature is in the area of 22-30°With the night a little cooler. In winter - even at night - not lower than 18 C. and not above 25 degrees C. the Plants are very sensitive to temperature and draughts. It\'s important to keep the soil temperature 18-20 C, in The summer is about 22 degrees C. Hypothermia roots detrimental to plants.
Watering. Watering required abundant, as the drying of the upper layer of the substrate. In autumn and winter watering reduce somewhat. Pour the warm soft well distilled water.
Transplantation. Transplanted young Calathea annually, adult - once in two years in the late spring or summer. When transplanting remove old dying leaves. Pot for Calathea take shallow.

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