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Wedding basket Minsk

  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket
  • Bouquet Wedding basket

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  • ID product: 6880-1665-3
  • Size: Большой
  • Number of flowers: 30
  • Height: ↕ 65 см.
  • Consist: Rose white local (15 шт.), Freesia white (13 шт.), Eustoma white (10 шт.), Rose spray pink (12 шт.), Oasis (2 шт.), Basket M, Greens (2 шт.), Cymbidium white (flower) (7 шт.)
  • We recommend for: Цветы на свадьбу
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22 January 2015 00:24

Ersin: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа Ersin inform about service:

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Buy a bouquet of Wedding basket with delivery in Minsk

Description букета

Bouquet «Wedding basket» is a fabulous present for a bride or for a young couple. Have you been invited on friends’ wedding anniversary? We would like to recommend you this present!

Amazingly beautiful and tender white flowers, like roses, freesias, orchids and eustomas will make the solemn celebration much more gorgeous and beautiful!  The gentle flowers will emphasize the bride’s appearance, its’ best details, and airy shape. It’s a brilliant idea to pick this one if you want to make the celebration or wedding ceremony amazing, beautiful and unforgettable.

Attention! Bouquet may differ from the images displayed on our site. 

How to care for a bouquet?
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