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Love you Vorzel

  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you
  •  Bouquet Love you

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  • Consist: Rose red (13 pc) · Tape for flowers · Rose white (12 pc) · Wrapping 1m (4 pc)
  • ID product: 6685-5477-3
  • Height: ↕ 60 cm
  • We recommend for: Девушке, Женщине, Благодарность, Годовщина свадьбы, Классические букеты, Люблю, Мужчине, Прости, Скучаю, Цветы на день Рождения, Цветы на свадьбу, Юбилей
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Buy a bouquet of Love you with delivery in Vorzel

Description bouquet

Bouquet «Love you» is a passionate, but elegant flower bunch. It’s a fabulous Valentine’s Day and March 8th present. It also may be given to a dear woman on her Birthday, a name-day or without any special reason. Giving this bouquet is a perfect way to say «I love you»!

The bouquet of white and red roses will help you to make a gorgeous congratulation. It’s a classic combination of flowers and colors. It’s great idea to use it to tell about your feelings. Use the language of flowers to say the most important word.

Attention! The bouquet may differ from the images displayed on our site.

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