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Ideal proposal Berestechko

  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal
  •  Bouquet Ideal proposal

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  • ID product: 9375-4708-3
  • Size: Middle
  • Number of bouquets:
  • Height: ↕ 60 cm
  • Consist: Ferrero Rocher candies by piece (8 pc) · Decorative heart (2 pc) · Ruskus (7 pc) · Packing for a flower bouquet · Tape for flowers · Roses red up to 50 cm (11 pc)
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Buy a bouquet of Ideal proposal with delivery in Berestechko

Description bouquet

The bouquet is the perfect proposal - an excellent combination of the legendary Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a red rose. On the eve of Valentine's Day, men often ask, "What to give your soulmate?". You can safely answer - give her all of yourself!

But also, it would not be superfluous to congratulate her on this important day with the help of this bouquet, which combines young red rose buds and chocolates. This makes the gift not only pleasant but also tasty.

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