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  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness
  • Букет Delivery of happiness

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  • ID товара: 6284-3027-3
  • Размер: Средний
  • Количество цветов: 12
  • Высота: ↕ 25 см.
  • Состав: Basket M, Greens, Oasis, Gerberа varicolored (3 шт.), Chrysanthemum spray yellow (4 шт.), Carnation yellow (5 шт.), Rose shrub orange (3 шт.)
  • Рекомендуем по поводу: Благодарность, День рождения, Ребенку, Скучаю
  • Просмотров за неделю: 60 чел.


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  • Качество: «Мы сделаем Вам красивый букет!» Савицкая Виктория, руководитель флористов

  • Надежность: «Мы доставим Ваш заказ вовремя!» Грошков Роман, руководитель логистики

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18 December 2014

Roger: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа
it was very efficient and helpfull
Roger inform about service:

Manager work:

Flowers quality:

Site work:

Delivery service:

Ответ UFL: Roger, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you were satisfied.

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Описание букета

The mix of seasonal flowers is sure to bring joy to the people dear to you and to make them smile. They will help you to tell your beloved ones that you miss them in such a special way. An occasion to make such a nice flower gift can be various, whether it's Spring Holiday on March 8, Mother's Day, birthday or a visit to your friends’ housewarming party.

The scarlet and yellow colors on the background of juicy greenery of this light composition cannot leave anyone indifferent. Purchasing this bouquet that radiates positive will make you a courier delivering happiness to your beloved ones and you are sure to succeed in fulfilling this task. Only excellent fresh flowers are used for the composition, the rays of goodness and tenderness will be shining in the home of the one who will get them for a long time.

Pay attention! The bouquet may differ from the images on our site.
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